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This screener for ADHD is suitable for children. It is the official DSM5 screener for ADHD in children.

ADHD LIBERTY are passionate about identifying ADHD in children as early as possible, especially if they are getting themselves into any kind of trouble.
ADHD kids are not standardly ‘naughty’. But they have many traits that can lead them down the wrong path. These traits include impulsivity, not thinking of the consequences, risk-taking, thrillseeking, wanting everything now, a very low boredom threshold, little fear of danger, and a constant need for adrenaline and excitement. We aim to catch them when they put their first step on that path and save them from having any further involvement with the criminal justice system.
ADHD children can be up to 30% less mature than their peers. They are easily impressed by older, more exciting teenagers, and often completely oblivious and purely thinking of the adrenaline, when they are being drawn into illegal activities.
If you are working with children who you think might be ADHD, or are the parents of potentially ADHD children, we welcome you to use this screener as an indicator of whether ADHD is present and needs further investigation by an ADHD specialist paediatrician.
Once the screener has been completed, it can be used as evidence for a school that a child is now under assessment for ADHD and ‘reasonable adjustments’ can be requested while the child is under assessment.
If the child has already encountered Youth Offending Services, Social Services, or is in any sort of trouble, it is important that the results of this test are shown to their parents and legal representatives. Any offence committed will now be handled differently, whilst assessments take place to discover if the child has an undiagnosed Neurodiversity.