~ Fighting for Your Freedom from Addiction & Crime ~


We welcome you to use this free adult ADHD screener to see if you are showing enough indicators of ADHD to warrant further investigation.

The screener will automatically tell you at the end whether ADHD is unlikely, likely, or probable.

If you fall into the likely or probable categories, we strongly suggest you pursue a diagnosis for the following reasons ~

~ undiagnosed ADHD adults are more at risk of addiction. This can start late. We have heard of people in their 60’s suddenly developing a life-threatening addiction

~ if you have found yourself in any sort of trouble with the law, we urge you to do the screener and show the results to your legal representative as soon as possible. Having an undiagnosed Neurodiversity will impact your case positively.

~ undiagnosed ADHD adults have a shorter life expectancy of between 15 and 25 years. Numerous ADHD factors feed into this, but it is a good enough reason to get yourself diagnosed and medicated if that’s possible.

~ you will be helping ADHD Liberty evidence how many adults have this undiagnosed condition and how it is negatively impacting their lives. You can fill this form in anonymously if you prefer or use a pseudonym and your anonymity is ensured. This information will only be seen by the CEO of ADHD Liberty.